International Conference for Nurse Practitioner / Advanced Practice Nursing

Welcome to the 10th ICN NP/APN Conference

This international gathering of thousands of nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses will explore nurses’ leading role in the transformation of care, with a particular focus on universal health coverage, the Sustainable Development Goals and human resources for health

Aging of the population has an impact on the demand of care worldwide. Increasing chronic disease and a population that desire a stronger voice in decisions about health and care and services that preferably reflect their need and preferences. The political and social debate invariably presents ageing and chronically ill as a problem with major implications for the affordability of healthcare. This is due to  the current ideas about ageing, illness and health. “Ageing and chronically illness  mean diseases and diseases need to be treated by a doctor.” But is that the right paradigm? There is a need for a paradigm shift from a medical model to a bio psychosocial model in healthcare with shared decision making and taken into the account of the wishes of the patients, personal and environmental factors. The chronically ill and elderly need help to stay independently, to stimulate their wellness and to participate in society. That is why prevention and health promotion are so important to stimulate people to take responsibility for their health and increase self-management and empowerment. But there are other questions that also needs to take responsibility like riskmanagement in acute care and mental health.

(Advanced) nurse practitioners, and clinical nurse leaders, with their broad scope in cure and care are challenged to play an important role within this transition.

This integrated way of providing healthcare also mains that co-creation is needed i.e. collaboration between the healthcare professional and the patient, between the healthcare professional and the family and informal networks around the patient, between healthcare professionals with various backgrounds and between institutes. However, transformative leadership and interprofessional collaboration are necessary to influence the (political) agenda and to empower patients and college-nurses. The leadership skills from advanced nurses are necessary to take responsibility in this changing healthcare landscape. But a main condition is a clear definition of Advanced Nursing Practice, legal registration and credentialing to offer safe and responsible care and cure.

Central theme of the conference:

Bridging the gap

Advanced Nurse Practitioners: Main characters in futuristic healthcare by collaborative leadership

The main goal of this conference is to make together the next step in developing advanced nursing worldwide for better and safer healthcare.