International Conference for Nurse Practitioner / Advanced Practice Nursing

Venue – De Doelen

De Doelen ICC is an ideal meeting place for international visitors. The special appeal of the venue lies in its dual function as international concert hall and conference centre. This is underscored by the building’s design: the remarkable 1960’s functionalist architecture of the original concert hall contrasts beautifully with the conference centre’s more dynamic and modern design.

De Doelen is centrally located in the heart of Rotterdam, just a few minutes walking from the Rotterdam Central Railway Station. Amsterdam International Airport (Schiphol) and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport are within short travel distance. Furthermore Rotterdam is very well accessible by car and train (high speed) from international European cities such as Paris, London, Brussels and Antwerp. A diversity of parking areas is located in walking distance of the Doelen. Both hotels and restaurants are in easy walking distance of the conference centre.

De Doelen ICC Rotterdam has an intimate atmosphere and a natural networking ambiance. Overlooking the past conferences, de Doelen ICC is a perfect match to facilitate the ICN Nurse Practitioner / Advanced Practice Nurse Network Conference in a professional manner. De Doelen comprises three groups of halls or complexes; the Grote Zaal Complex, the Willem Burger Complex and the Jurriaanse Complex. Each complex has its own entrance, hall, foyer, and a number of smaller meeting spaces.

For the organization of the 10th ICN INP / APN Network Conference we have exclusively reserved the Willem Burger Complex and the Jurriaanse Complex. At its heart, the exceptional Willem Burger Zaal, seating a maximum of 700 persons amphitheatre arrangement, is suggested to be the plenary hall. Furthermore there are over 10 breakout rooms available for the parallel sessions. One of the larger breakout rooms can also be used in addition to the plenary hall in case of an overflow. The distance between the several rooms, foyers and halls is kept to a minimum which makes it convenient and spacious at the same time. This enables delegates to network to a maximum level in between sessions.

As far as the preparation, styling and organization is concerned, de Doelen is a fully qualified partner with a team of experts and a carefully selected network of external professionals. Together they ensure that the aims of your event will be achieved. To ensure optimum use of the facilities, these are installed and operated exclusively by highly experienced Doelen staff. Their expertise
guarantees the best possible technical support for any conference or event. There is practically no limit to the culinary possibilities offered by de Doelen. In addition to de Doelen’s own catering services, the three regular caterers of de Doelen have unparalleled experience in providing extensive lunches or festive dinners for large numbers.

For conferences with an extensive breakout session program, de Doelen offers the possibility to set up a Speaker Service Centre (SSC). The SSC offers the possibility to centrally deliver, save, manage and distribute digital presentation material. In order to achieve this, in the speaker’s room and in each session room a computer with network connections will be installed.

2011 – ECE, European Conference of Endocrinology 2,300 delegates
2011 – ISAM – International Society for Aerosols in Medicine 600 delegates
2011 – 9th Euro Fed Lipid Conference 480 delegates
2011 – First European Conference on Assertive Outreach 650 delegates
2012 – World Congress on Bioethics 680 delegates
2014 – FECTS Conference 600 delegates
2014 – International Symposium on Forecasting 700 delegates
2014 – EUGMS 1,200 delegates
2015 – ECTS – IBMS 4th Joint Meeting 800 delegates
2016 – International Orthoptic Association Conference 1,200 delegates
2016 – World Dairy Summit 800 delegates
2019 – SIEMM Annual Symposium 1,500 delegates